Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The boys planting grass in patches....hope it works!
 Braxton just loves when Aliya comes over to play!
The yummy cookies I had made from MK's Cupcakery!  I added the bag and little note with it for all the kids at daycare.  He was so excited to take treats!!
 Also went the easy way out, and had 30 cupcakes made for the party, too:)
 Braxton had 2 friends, Tucker & Isaiah, spend the night after his party.  We brought them home from daycare!  (Braxton was a bit 'off' the whole night, and had night mares all night it was a rough one on him, but his buddies did great!!!)

Note to EVERYONE..pinatas are hard to break caused multiple melt downs for the birthday side, everyone had multiple tries to hit it!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our little man!!!!
 WE hope ALL your wishes come true!!!
 Love watching friends help open:)
 Let the party begin!
The next day..deer hunting!  I got introuble for taking their picture...I scared the big deer away they told me;)
 Brotherly love...we took Tucker home, and his little bro, Trevor, couldn't fit on the gator, so they made do! 
 We let the boys hang out for hours playing, so we got to Omaha just did a quick meal at Burger King ( we told him he could go anywhere, and he said, "anything but pizza!!) we had it for his party Friday, and left overs Saturday for lunch..poor little guy!Ha
 Opening his Transformer Optimus Prime--that he waited FOREVER for!!!

 Ready for a little swim...after flexing!
 Goof Ball:)  His poor allergies were acting up...his eyes poured all day...
Look at that skinny little boy...and buff daddy:)
 YAY!!!  He got his DSI that he has been asking for!!!!!!
 It amazes me how fast kids catch on to technology!!!!!
 Can't stay at a hotel, without a pillow fight taking place!!!
Despite Braxton being 'off', and having a lot of crying episodes, he did tell us he had an awesome birthday!!  Which made us happy to hear!  Hard to believe 4 years has gone by.  We are so LUCKY & THANKFUL for our little boy!   There are days that can be challenging, but we always make it through with a good laugh by the end of the day.  I love tucking him into bed every night and hearing, "mommy, don't forget to have daddy check on me, too, and mommy, I love you."  WE love you, too, Braxton!!!
I can't wait for him to enjoy this blog book someday! 

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