Monday, September 16, 2013

Mommy n Me

Now that he's home, I can talk about it!  I hate telling people when Brads gone.   He spent the last 4 days in Beaudette Minnesota on a fishing trip!   Sounds like the first day he was a little sea sick:( but he still had fun!   So...that led to 4 days of Braxton all to myself!!!  We had the typical work and school...but had a great weekend of fun, too!!!   I worked the concessions for LHF, and grabbed Braxton for the last 10 mins where he managed popcorn n mms and Gatorade!  Then, met Gpa n Gma Louis at Pizza Hut for supper, and hit up Uncke Dillons game in Spalding!   He had so much fun seeing Grandma Deb.  he doesn't see her often, but he sure acted like they were best buds!!!!

So I was in the shower, and Braxton was experimenting with the iPad..I come across this picture..his favorite makes some interesting pictures!!!!
Helping me make pizza sauce, salsa, and chili base....he is  so into helping!!!!!!!
Look fast....suuuuppppeeerrrmmaaannnflew by!!!!!!!!
Grandma*Grandpa*Braxton.   Grandpa bought him one of everything  from the quarter machines!!!!
GrandmaDeb n Braxton
Me n cheese ball!

We made our pumpkin patch at Preister Excavating!   Starting to pick the crop!!!
Braxton told me last night, that "if someday we have a baby and Youre mowing And dad is spraying weeds, and the baby cries, he'll give it it's paci;). And I think there will be one boy and one girl mom".  ????!?????!!   Hmmmmmm

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