Thursday, September 26, 2013

Red cloud prep...

We took off to red cloud this weekend to get things ready for the upcoming season.  Turns out, the guys worked, and Braxton and I did a lot of coloring and playing!!!  We have friends down there that we met thru hunting, and their little Boden is 1 1/2, Braxton just loved playing and running with him!!!  Boden loves taking you by the fingers and leading you everywhere!!!  So adorable!!!  It was fun to relax and be with the boys!!!  Only one turkey was shot though:)

I've been getting the house ready for fall...
And Braxton has been helping...he's painting his homemade bird house for decoration he said
Grandpa Bob playing farm...goodness....look at that messy room!!!!   Embarrassing!!!!!
Grandpa joined us for supper...and of course Braxton got a ride around town!   The fall weather is just starting...such beautiful nights!!!!
A picture of the sun setting on our way to Red Cloud....
Holy cow batman!!!    His costume arrived Friday before we left!!!   He's so excited!!!!!!  I love his pose!!!
Love it!!!!!!!
This picture was sent to me from my cousin Derick and Christina's wedding in August!   I love it!!!!
Serious hunting....
He takes hunting serious!!!!   Daddy is proud!!
As fall gets does harvest.  Braxton is really anxious to ride with Alan Bender in the combine!  We are so lucky that people want him to come along.  This year he may get a few rides in green, blue, and red tractors!!!   We can't wait!!!!

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