Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Go Red...(for women) Go Blue Uncle Dillon

The Gals I used to work with, invited me to a banquet at divots, called Go Red for Women.  It's a fundraiser and awareness to heart disease in women.   They had great inspirational speakers...even brought a few years to your eyes, (ehhh food), yummy drinks, and what a great time out with the girls!  I am labeled lately as a "homebody" I'm finding little by little, I'm venturing out!  It was so fun to hang out with the girls!!
Braxton is sooooo into Legos!  He made this combine all by himself!  I love his imagination!  He's been hanging his school work all over his walls in his room lately.  I figured it was time to invest in sticky tack, instead of all that tape!  School is going great!   I guess there was a little issue at daycare last week.  Braxton wasn't wanting to enter daycare from are currently working on that...and so far this week is great!   No tears!   For some reason he just really dislikes daycare:( breaks me into pieces that he has to go there....knowing he is so sad there.....
On the upside, Braxton spent the day last week at benders farm!!!  He got to ride in the brand new combine!!!   With a built in fridge!!!  Later, took a ride in the semi!!!!    During all of this...I was at home mowing!!!   I wasn't "allowed" to go someone told me.....  And the best part, he came home with bags full of beans and corn...o yay:(   It makes such a mess in the house, but he loves it!!!!
Uncle Dillon had a GREAT game against clarkson Howells on Monday!   Braxton looks up to him so much...he was excited to take a picture with him...but wondered why he smelled so bad!!!   They won...can't remember the score....18-16 I believe?!  It's awesome to watch Dillon play!!!  ESP because he is such a great player!  I want exactly sports-oriented, so it's fun to watch talent!!!   Go #8!!!!!

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