Friday, October 25, 2013

A whole lot....

Whole lot of everything going on around here!  Braxton is LOVING preschool!!!   We had our first parent teacher conference!!   I told Brad I would go while I know he's still a good kid, and Brad can go when he's naughty in high school......  He can recognize Bb, Tt, Xx, Cc, Pp, Aa!   It's so cute watching him be able to pick the letters out when he sees the grocery store, church hymnal, the shop, etc!!
So lately, we are I Halloween mode...
He got this from the Humphrey bazaar!  He also won $50!!!   He wants to take Grandpa Bob and his friend Tucker out to eat!   So sweet!!
      My scary little monster!

Super man ran thru the house the other night, and stopped to show off his muscles!
And....he finds it hilarious to wear my pjs!!!
Ad he's at it again....he truly does scare me!   He catches me off guard!!!
Twin day!!!
All about coloring!!!
Just being silly!!
He was all snuggled with his penguin one night...
I had a fun night meeting and Evan came with his mommy to play.  They cuddled themselves up in this chair together, blanket and all, and were watching Mickey Mouse!!
He wanted to practice his letters!!!    So cute!!  I wonder how long his love for school will last....

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