Sunday, October 27, 2013

October busy-ness!!

Brad went with some friends to the husker game this weekend in Minnesota!!(jealous!)  I stayed home to do a wedding party (congrats Lynzee Chris!!!) and also to be my little brothers confirmation sponsor.  Such an honor!!!  Before Brad left, Braxton wanted to make daddy a picture.  He asked me to write, "I love you dad"  on a piece of paper.  Braxton can write anything if he has an, I write it, but he tells me..."mom, daddy's name starts with a B, not that other letter"(d). So, he asks, " mom, what comes after B,!?"  So, without writing it, I just tell him, and this is what I turn to see!!!!;)
We have definitely missed daddy while he has been gone!!!!!!
Braxton was tired of waiting at the shop for my client, so he started on my hair!
My handsome date for the wedding!!!!!!  Batman tie and all!!
Awe, my little angel;)wehad FUN  dancing!!!!!!!
Congrats Dillon on being confirmed!!!!!
Ready for trick or trunk at school!!!!
A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah got married.....
Myself, the lovely bride, and my pretty friend Kelli!!!  These two gave me some great memories is high school!!!!!!!
Love this girl!!!
We've been slowly skipping a nap here and there when it works for Brad and I to do that.  We do have to "remind" him that when's he gets crabby, he will go to, it's working a little.....
Happy's almost November......HUNTING SEASON!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!

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