Saturday, November 2, 2013

Out with the old...

I heard Santa was coming bring me carpet????   Hmmmm....???? (I moved my furniture just in case....)

Only a mechanics son....jacking up the combine, but since its too heavy, he attached the crane he said.  
He went and got his bible and drew Jesus;) he is very into learning about Jesus!
Just resting up before trick or treatin!!!!!    He got to go to Benders, Gma Debs, and Gpa Bobs with mommy....then Great Gma Korth, Gpa Busselmans, Ricks, Genes, Fred's, and many more with daddy while mom went to Uncle Dillons playoff game!   Win!!!!!!
Helping make treats for preschool!!!!   After his preschool party, classmate Logan Wiese had another party!!!!   Luckily Gma B was around after, we skipped daycare and partied again!!!   
Doing a little farming...

...Gma B found daddy's old football stuff.....cute!!!!!!   Thanks Gma!!!!!!
Brad and his dad went down to the hunting ground is it's date night for Braxton and I!!!!!!!  We are watching planet 51 (in our football gear of course!!).     
Happy November!!!!

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