Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weddings still...

Brads cousin, Halee got married in Omaha.   It's our last of many for the year!!!    So many to look forward to next year already!    Braxton had Wild Wild West dress up at preschool....so the cowboy hat continues....
Braxton riding his buckin bull!
Cowboy Braxton and I
Aunt Kelly and him took multiple pictures..... He was a goof for them all!!!
Fits just right!
This cowboy is outside of scheels.    Braxton thought he was pretty awesome!
A little pregame before the season opens this weekend!!!
Braxton went to the Columbus dentist last week.  He has two shadows between his back bottom molars.   So, we decided to head to Lincoln Pediatric Dentristy and have them taken care of!    I was shocked he didn't even ask once when they're ok him back without me following!   They say he did great.   They also told me how well mannered he is and just how funny he is!!!!    He told me his fingers and toes tickled;) they said after the laughing gas he wouldn't even notice the shots.   Guess they know what they are talking about.  I'm glad I didn't try to explain things before we went.  I probably would've gave too much info that wasn't necessary!!!!!!   So, FLOSSING has become a must at our house!!!!    Times like now, I realize the downfall to no dental insurance.    I love being self employed, but there are days like today it bums me out to work 40+ hours and not have full benefits.   But, at 830am, as I sit here not at work yet, I'm reminded how fortunate I really am to be my own boss!!!!!
Happy hunting this weekend everyone!!!!!

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