Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November pictures!!

We went to red cloud hunting....passed up a 2x2, 1x1 spike, 4 doe..and came home empty handed.  It was my first deer hunting trip with nothing.   The good thing, we could relax when we got home and not hav to clean deer!!!   Braxton was a trooper the whole weekend!!!
Love this picture!!!
A little time for silliness!!!
 Braxton and Boden in the deer cave!'
Got to the stand at 530am....he slept till 8!!!!   And was so cute whispering in the stand!!
A little more sillies!!! was a long 4.5 hours in the stand!!!   We survive the best way we know how!!!   Pure entertainment!!!
Grandpa and his boys...guess it was orange day! 
Gooooo Biiiiig Bluuuuue!!;) or reeed!
Daddy's jersey from high school!!!
Braxton went for his 6 month checkup.  Only to find 2 cavities in the making!!  We decided to go to Lincoln, to the childrens pediatrics, where he could receive some happy gas;) I didn't even have to go back with him, he was such  a trooper!  No whining, no tears, no nothing negative!   
A little husker football while daddy was away hunting!
He asked me to find a picture of a robot.  This is what he made!   
I fractured  some bones going to my at night when I take my boot off..Braxton thinks it's funny to wear it.....
He  can write our names!!!!!!!!!!   Talk about proud mom and dad!!!!
He asked  me to spell my name...I must've said a twice..oops mom! 
We got to spend thanksgiving in colorado with my sisters family!!!!! Such a great time!!!!!!!   My dad and Jody went out, too!!!   So thankful to get to spend a holiday with my family!!!!   It rarely happens, so we made sure to enjoy every moment!!!!!!!   The kiddos played so great together, so it gave us plenty of time to visit!!!   My sister is an AMAZING cook, so we ate well all weekend!!!!   I'll post pictures of our trip soon!!
Happy December!!!   We've been decorating for two days now...hopefully it'll be finished soon!!!!

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